Sir Peter Ipatas has done enough


I THINK Sir Peter Ipatas has offered more than enough to the people of Enga. On Sept 28 in The National, I read about 14 men and women going to Israel for training in agriculture. It is another big move by Sir Peter. I believe all Engan parents are so proud of their “action governor”. Furthermore, this is not the first time Sir Peter has done a lot, He is a great leader of the whole of Enga. I think no one will match his leadership. On the other hand, what is Don Polye really doing, where is his legacy, where is his colour? There is nothing to show. Maybe he will be remembered as a good fighter in Parliament, an empty drum makes a lot of noise. Sir Peter doesn’t speak much, yet he shows his colour in building up Enga through human resource, sports and you name it while Polye has nothing to show. Action speaks louder than words. Polye, I think it’s too late to win the hearts of Engans.

– Solomon Taropo, MENDI

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