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From MALUM NALU in Alotau
SIR Peter Ipatas, re-elected Enga Governor for the fifth term, is supporting Peter O’Neill to return as prime minister.
He said this in Alotau yesterday as numbers continued to grow for Wednesday’s first Parliament sitting which will elect the new prime minister.
Sir Peter was on Friday declared Enga Governor-elect for the fifth straight time since 1997.
He said he had given up leadership of his People’s Party to join the People’s National Congress (PNC) because of what O’Neill had done for the people of Enga.
“This was to ensure that we return the prime minister and retain the government,” Sir Peter said.
“I made a big call to resign from my party and join PNC because I’ve been in Parliament for 20 years now.
“From my experience, I have done more for Enga in the last five years than in the previous 15 years.
“So it makes sense to me as a leader to make that kind of sacrifice.
“I’m the person who’s been leading Enga. I know where we are today.
“I know which governments have supported me over the years, and which governments have not supported me.
“I can tell you that Enga has benefitted in terms of development under Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
“So as a leader, I’d like to give my undivided loyalty to him.”

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