Sir Puka hails growth in level of small to medium enterprise


ABAU MP Sir Puka Temu is impressed with the level of growth among small to medium enterprises in the district in the past three years.
This was made possible by awarding of contracts to local businesses by the District Development Authority. “We have been encouraging small business people to register with the Investment Promotion Authority so they can be licensed to carry out their activities and bid for business opportunities,” Sir Puka said.
“We have spent K800,000 on projects by engaging SMEs to do maintenance on teachers houses, classrooms and aid posts. Funds are from the district services improvement programme.
“We want to create wealth and job opportunities.”
He said contracts were awarded based on strict procurement processes.
“Many critics think that the DSIP funds are my own money while other says it’s from our discretionary component,” he said.
“They do not realise that we are using money from the K10m DSIP to facilitate all those programmes.”
He said businesses had now picked up among locals, some of who had bought their own earth-moving machineries.
“We do not want to purchase machineries. We want locals to own them so that they can become millionaires,” Sir Puka said.
“Given the growth in Papua New Guinea’s economy, more SMEs need to register and bid for projects.”

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