Sir Salamo refuses bail for trio


CHIEF Justice Sir Salamo Injia yesterday refused bail for three people pending their appeal against their 10-year jail terms because their “medical conditions” could be managed well in prison.
Western Governor Ati Wobiro, former provincial administrator Dr Mudowa Gumoi and businessman Normal May applied for bail separately, saying they all suffered from pre-existing medical conditions.
They were jailed for 10 years each last Friday for conspiracy to defraud and the misappropriation of more than K7 million of public funds.
Presiding in the Supreme Court, Sir Salamo said after considering the submissions, he was “not satisfied that their continued imprisonment pending appeal is not justified”.
“The interest of justice demands that the applicants remain imprisoned while their appeals are being fast-tracked to a hearing,” he said.
Sir Salamo said he was not convinced that their medical conditions had reached such an advanced stage that posed serious risks to their health and threatened their lives if they were not to be managed well.
Sir Salamo said their conditions had pre-existed over a period of time and they had been managed with specialist attention over that time.
“I am satisfied that their conditions can be managed well from within the jail,” he said.

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