Skouw-Wutung border to be developed


THE Indonesian government has plans to help bring development to people living along the PNG-Indonesian border, Vanimo-based Indonesian consul Elmer Iwan Lubis says.
“The development of the border post facilities in the Skouw-Wutung border area that is in progress can be seen as a reflection of Indonesian commitment to nurture our good intentions towards the people of PNG,” he said.
“It is Indonesian commitment to develop the capacity in facilitating economic and social and cultural relations at the border between Indonesia and PNG and at the same time we are increasing our control to monitor the negative elements which may occur at the border – illegal trade of narcotics and other criminal acts.”
Meanwhile, Indonesian construction company Karya Ninda project manager Santoso Puri said that according to the Skouw-Wutung border development master plan, there would be a township along the border for the border agency officers and their families.
“There will be a school and a clinic,” Puri said.
“The clinic will also have a ward for patients to be admitted for close monitoring of whatever sickness they are suffering from.
“The clinic can also be used by PNG border villagers.”
Puri said the construction of the complex started last December and would be completed in the next few weeks.
“The workers are committed and are working 24 hours to complete the construction and almost 96 per cent has been completed,” Puri said.
“We are on target for the grand opening of the border complex together with the PNG border complex.”
He said the new Indonesian border complex was located 800m from the new PNG border complex.

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