Smoking, fatty foods cause heart diseases

Health Watch

SMOKING and eating too much fatty food causes heart diseases, Port Moresby General Hospital cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Noah Tapaua says.
He told The National that the country was experiencing an increase in lifestyle diseases over the years due to people adapting to the western lifestyle by eating processed food and not fresh produce from the gardens.
Tapaua said the combination of smoking, chewing betel nut and consuming alcohol was a high risk factor for heart disease and other lifestyle diseases.
He explained that heart diseases were either congenital or acquired.
“Congenital heart diseases are diseases that the child is born with,” Tapaua said.
“For example, heart defects and acquired heart diseases are due to infections like rheumatic heart diseases that affect the valves or damage the heart as a result of smoking, high cholesterol intake, high blood pressure, diabetes and blood vessels inflammation.”

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