Smooth ride for the city, rough for the rest


THE report of K1.27 billion being earmarked for major road works in NCD (The National, Oct 13) should not go unchallenged.
While only minority of the population living in the capital city are enjoying smooth rides on four-lane roads as a result of massive funds being pumped into it, it is a nightmare for us the Okuk Highway travellers.
The highway that supports our natural and economic sectors, including mineral resources and cash crops, our industrial city Lae is littered with potholes, half-closed and flooded road to name a few.
Instead, of the usual three-hour bus ride from Lae to Goroka, and extra hour or two is added and further up the Highlands is worse.
Accidents on this highway has been blamed on the drivers carelessness for so long, but another contributing factor is the deteriorating state of the highway that puts pressure on the poor guys.
The road network in our capital city has been receiving all the attention in terms of funding to meet world standard but what about the roads that contribute enormously to the national purse?
Perfect road network in the capital city is not a true reflection of our road network, especially the Okuk Highway and its feeder roads.

Akaiya Eomu,

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