Soccer mum attends church


MEETING fellow Christians and enjoying Sunday worship at the Marimari Lutheran Church was something Karyn Scarpa from the United States will never forget.
“God is great and wonderful that I can meet wonderful people in this country,” Scarpa said.
Scarpa, the mother of US under-20 women’s team striker Jessie Scarpa (jersey number 15), said she felt at home when attending the church service.
“I can feel the warmth of belonging to a big family in Christ,” Scarpa said.
She is a physical education teacher at St Paul Lutheran School, Lakeland, Florida.
“Thank you. We enjoyed the service so much and loved everyone,” she said.
“Another difference is how people greet you here.
“They are so genuine and the hello has an extra warm feeling.
“When I travel, I like to really feel the culture and not just see the tourist-side of a country.
“What inspires me the most about PNG is the warmth and hospitality shown by the citizens. I also get a sense of family here.”
Papua district Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG President Reverend Koki Zogareng said it was always a blessing to have brothers and sisters from other countries  to “worship with us”.
“This also motivates and encourage Christians that there are Christians in other countries that are worshiping the same God,” Zogareng said.
English congregation chairman Bamake Rambum said the church welcomed Christians of every denomination to worship together.
“It doesn’t matter which denomination or country you come from,” Rambum said.

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