Social events help control students behaviour


SOCIAL activities organised in schools help control students behavioural, a primary school headmaster says.
St Mary’s Primary School headmaster Anton Kumeng told The National yesterday that today’s generation of children were exposed to alcohol, smoking and chewing and their behaviour is not good.
“But when we organise events like sports and other social activities, our students get themselves busy and in a way they refrain from doing bad things,” Kumeng said.
He said his primary school had a number of social activities for their students.
He said the activities their students were engaged in included the Girl Guides movement, the Scout movement, Meri Football and other mini sports organised activities within the school.
“With those organised activities, our teachers are engaged in providing counselling to our students, teaching them some basic life skills in regards to Girl Guides and Scout movement, training them to be good leaders and role models in the future.”
Kumeng said those social events helped to improve the students academic performance in school.
“Our school is situated in the centre of Wewak town and our students come from all over the town with their attitudes but we cannot blame them,” he said.
He said the engagement of students in organised activities was one way to address the issues and control them.
“But apart from the organised school events, we also have strict school rules and tough policies in place to control students behaviour,” he said.
Meanwhile, the deputy headmaster Robert Gobout said their Under-14 and 16 Meri football association team would be playing their semi-finals this Saturday with the Moem Primary and the Kreer primary school teams.
“This kind of organised sporting events between schools helps to develop positive behaviours, build their confidence and appreciation towards each other and to create good relationship with their colleagues in other schools,” he said.

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