Social media affecting students

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A DEPUTY school principal is concerned about the effect of social media on students.
Gerehu Secondary School deputy principal Francis Saju told The National that most of the disciplinary cases including suspension and expulsion of students at the school were related to social media.
He said while the school had seen some improvement on the behavior and conduct of students, the influence of social media remained a big worry.
“Gerehu Secondary School is known for school fights and (negative) stories but by the grace of God, we are starting to change,” Saju said.
He said they were no more fights among students.
“Unlike previous years, our students are so addicted to social media like facebook, instagram and whatsapp,” Saju said.
He said some students were using facebook to criticise students from other schools and were writing things which bordered on cybercrime.
“They can be sentenced to prison or pay penalties for defaming other students’ character in public.  The students are totally unaware of that,” Saju said.
He said the school had identified the students and taken disciplinary action against them.
He said National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop had distributed tablets to students who now could easily access social media.
“Some of them use the tablets for study matters but some are abusing the privilege,” Saju said.

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