Socialist government the way to go in PNG


WE need a strong socialist government in PNG to reduce the cost of doing business in PNG.
It needs to set the price branch mark for all services.
It has to set the fuel prices at K 2 per litre for diesel and K2.50 for petrol.
It has to set the tariff on power at 20t per kilowatt hour.
It has to set the domestic shipping cost per container at K1,000 per 40 foot container between domestic ports.
It has to set the Internet cost at 10 toea per 100 megabytes.
It has to set the rentals of residential and industrial rates at 1000 kina per month.
The capitalist principle of supply and demand has not worked for PNG as the market has always been an imperfect market due to its small, isolated and fragmented in nature where the principle of economies of scale will not be achieved no matter how hard one tries.
Hence, I support Powes Pakop’s socialist party to bring real structural changes.

Gala Spencer Via email NCD

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