Sohe deserves to know where the money went


Just two weeks before the issue of writs for the 2017 national election, our MP for Sohe and Minister for Youth, Religion and Community Development quietly walked into the Office of Rural Development and presented her acquittal for the year 2016.
We, in Sohe, will not know what is in the acquittals report but one thing is certain: our K60 million over the last five years is missing.
The Saiho health centre where the Sohe District Administration was to be built.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill
officiated the ground breaking ceremony in 2016 now, there is a thick bush housing rats, frogs and snakes.
Young men within the Higaturu and parts of Kokoda LLGs were used as bulldozers to clear the ground and trees at Uhita where it was formerly a DPI Center.
That place has now grown bushes.
It was to be an Agriculture Center but no single infrastructure has been built.
A financial literacy training workshop was conducted by the Sohe District Administration for mothers to be trained and later apply for loans about two years ago.
To date no single mother in the electorate has been assisted to obtain a loan from the National Development Bank.
We should have good amount of money still available because there is no single water supply project or sealed feeder roads or new classrooms or teachers houses within the Sohe District.
We need answers to where our funds are.

Charles Jasari
Former President
Higaturu LLG

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