Solomon urges men to be role models for younger generation


Fathers and men have to rise up and set the standard as role models for their sons, Religion, Youth and Community Development Secretary Anna Solomon says.
Solomon called on men to be examples to the younger male population.
“We have a lot of laws and policies so we are now looking at shaping programmes around best practices and male advocates,” she said.
“What are some of those strategies where men are taking the lead to talk to other men or to talk to young people on issues affecting our families? What are some of the best practices that we can draw from, how can we profile these best practices and how can we shape programmes and replicate them right throughout the country that can help with good interventions in gender-based violence.”
Solomon referred to a song by the  local group Jaco Local and Friends, Real men don’t hit women, adding that it was the catch phrase.
“That message should go around, it’s not only about hitting women but abusing them, emotionally, physically and mentally,” she said.
“My advice to a lot of the fathers out there is, you are the example to your sons. However you behave, whatever you say, they follow.
“We need to start ensuring that we are good examples and role models for our young men out there.”

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