Solving disputes part of culture


DISPUTES arise at all levels and works of life.
At the smallest scale could be family disputes, colleague disputes etc and at the a big scale could include land disputes between two or more clans, vehicle accident disputes or tribal warfare disputes to name a few.
However, regardless of each magnitude they are all classified at disputes and they all require solutions.
Over the years, Papua New Guinea has practiced a very effective culture on norm of problem solving called the consensus culture.
Consensus by definition is referred to as a way of community resolution when opposing parties set aside their differences and agree on a statement that is agreeable to all, even it only barely.
Most problems or disputes in PNG has been solved as a way of group discussion aimed toward building a consensus or a win-win situation for both parties to agree on.
Consensus as a Melanesian way of settling disputes had brought peace, harmony and long lasting solutions for disputes in our traditional societies.
The world is amazed how PNG can survive as one nation after more than 40 years of independence.
Although we have a diverse culture which paves way for disagreements over many things and disputes seem impossible to solve but God blessed us with one unique culture to hold us together as a nation.

Robin Benjamin
Port Moresby

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