Someone needs to help school with power woes


LALOKI High School in the Kairuku-Hiri electorate has been without electricity since early this year.
As a boarding school, this is completely unacceptable and extremely dangerous, especially for students, not to mention young female students.
One can only imagine what it is like living in an environment where there is practically no lights during the evenings. No wonder even the teachers, who are very much affected, encourage boarding students to reside outside the school like day students.
Early in the year, the school organised a corporate dinner to raise funds towards paying its outstanding power bill.
A substantial amount of money was raised. The money is allegedly held by the headmaster who is supposed to have paid the bill. Whether that money ever got paid or not remains to be seen. One thing is sure, that is the school is still without power and will remain so until their bill is settled.
If the school cannot handle or manage its finances, whose responsibility is it to take the school administration to task over its mismanagement of overall school affairs? Whose responsibility is it to follow up on what is happening at the school today? Whose responsibility is it to ensure the school returns to some relative normalcy? Whose responsibility is it to bail out the school from this mess?
The Central government, in particular the provincial education officials, owe it to the students, staff and its electorate to check this out immediately and come up with corrective measures as soon as possible.
Where is the Kairuku-Hiri MP? Where is the Central governor? Please someone, do something.

Guy Renatt-Una,
Port Moresby

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