Someone has to start telling the truth


IT is common for those in authority over matters of concern to issue defensive statements mainly to make a situation good, protect themselves, their departments and the government.
The chances that the recent issued statements in the media regarding the current drug shortages have truth are questionable.
We sometimes forget there is the truth about a situation that exists.
For our very sick citizens needing these drugs, such comments from those concerned does not make sense.
The affected only needs drugs to be easily accessible when needed and not excuses.
Ministers, politicians and those in authority please safe you from your growing bad habits of misleading the weak, the sick and the suffering as their pain are clearly seen by their love ones.
It’s also the Lent season leading to Easter and since we claim PNG to be a Christian country lets please stop for a minute to assess ourselves and make our personal lives better and truthful.
When we make too many false statements we begin to slowly poison ourselves by our lies and misdeeds to the very extent that we too can get ill and need some form of medication.
The drugs we deny others will not safe us, but it’s only our spirit life that we need to honestly change quickly in order to be healthy ourselves.
So please the Government and the Health Department needs to tell the truth.
PNG is also suffering from the lack of spiritual drugs to cure the lives of especially those in authority who regularly mislead the unfortunate and the already suffering populace.
Please get real as our people are dying from both illnesses and the ongoing effects of political games.

Peter Potit
Eriku, Lae  

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