Sorcery bars progress


SORCERY has taken the country backwards and the church has to work with the Government in eradicating the illegal practice, an official says.
Secretary of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General Dr Lawrence Kalinoe told a conference in Lae yesterday that sorcery emanated from a spiritual, cultural belief system prevalent in PNG society which could not be solved solely at the legislative level.
“This issue emanates from cultural-spiritual belief systems in our society,” he said.
“It’s a spiritual problem and cannot be solved alone at the legislative level.
“It requires the churches, Government and stakeholders to collectively break or eradicate the issue.”
The three-day conference is being attended by church leaders, government officials and stakeholders to find ways to deal with the illegal practice.
Kalinoe said it was a belief-related matter which was rife in society and “we must find a way to counteract the symptoms that threaten the fabric of our society”.
He said the four homicide laws captured in the judiciary were wilful murder, murder, manslaughter and sorcery-related killings.
Kalinoe acknowledged the churches for their sacrifice and perseverance in going to remote areas “to embrace the human soul through evangelism work” to enhance the Christian faith while providing social services.

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