‘Sorcery deeply rooted in cultures, mindset’


SORCERY is embedded in PNG’s cultural belief systems and is a spiritual issue which needs a spiritual approach to address it, a church leader says.
United Church of Papua New Guinea moderator Rev Bernard Siai said sorcery was “deeply rooted in the human mindset”, practised in an unnatural spectrum.
He said spiritual methods and approaches were needed to deal with it.
He called on pastors to review the gospel messages they were giving from the pulpit if people were still interested in them.
Siai said churches must use local systems in evangelism to address sorcery-related issues.
He suggested that more awareness was crucial including the translating of the Bible into local dialects, adult literacy classes and church evangelism programmes.
“Prayer itself is one of the profound and powerful elements to change people which the ministry and fellowship groups needed to encourage,” Siai said.
Siai attended the church role and sorcery conference facilitated by the Constitutional Law Reform Commission in Lae this week.
Parliament repealed the Sorcery Act 1971 in 2013 prompting the establishment of the Sorcery National Action Plan in advocacy, counseling, health, legislative review and research.

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