Sorcery-related killings stalling progress: Gore


SORCERY-related killings are a hindrance to the country’s progress and development, Minister for Community Development and Religion Delilah Gore says.
“We have different cultures and people do not understand that they are breaking the laws by sorcery-related killings,” she said at a gender forum in Port Moresby.
“It will take time and more awareness to tell people about what not to do. I’m thankful to our partners for supporting us in talking about sorcery issues.
“I’m sure messages are going to our people so as time passes by, it (sorcery) will slowly die away.
“Most of the awareness is in urban areas but nothing in the rural communities where sorcery-related killings are high.”
UN Resident Coordinator Roy Trivedy said it was a very important issue and that all the stakeholders needed to re-strategise their efforts around trying to eradicate the practice.
“We need to work out a really clear plan of action and maybe talk to some of the parliamentarians to see if people are willing to put some funds to assist this,” Trivedy said.
Secretary of the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission Dr Eric Kwa said the Government would not implement the death penalty although sorcery was a major concern.

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