Sorry Mr Aihi, the district will not listen


A leader should be the people’s servant as you are mandated to represent and you are not special.
A leader must fit into every classes of people and interact with them in their social lives than you will win their hearts as a true leader.
People of Kairuku Hiri district wants to elect a leader who can walk the jungles, terrains, travel up the fast flowing rivers, travel the coastline villages and walk to rural hamlets to see and hear what people in need of and even eat and sleep with his/her people and deliver to them within limited time.
If you process that kind of down to earth leadership than people will vote you.
The electorate is too big and people want their leader to leave his/her comfort zone and get firsthand information.
Paru Aihi, your appeal to the people to vote you back to the floor of Parliament won’t be entertained as you have physically seen and witnessed it at your small gathering at your own village at Hisiu.
We don’t want to vote a person who does not have people in his/her heart and only goes after power and money and forgot about the core responsibility as a leader to serve the people.


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