Soso gives K300,000 to remote communities


EASTERN Highlands Governor Julie Soso has paid K300,000 to two remote communities in the province for a health facility and a beautification project.
Soso presented K200,000 to the Ubagubi community of Unavi LLG in Lufa to construct a three bedroom staff house for Ubagubi Health Centre’s health worker.
While handing over the cheque to contractor, Soso, pictured, raised concern that past provincial leaders at the political and administrative levels had neglected the reconstruction of community health facilities.
Soso said many aid posts and health centre were deteriorating and no enough was being done to rebuild and staff them to attend to people’s medical needs.
“Having realised these situation, I allocated funding towards upgrading and rebuilding some of the appalling health facilities,” Soso said.
“One of these is Ubagubi Health Centre staff house which received K200,000.”
Unavi LLG president Fiea Agomata thanked Soso for the funding to build the staff house.
He said the centre attended to over 2000 people of Unavi which covered Mt Crater Gold Mine along the border of Karamui, Chimbu.
Agomata said Soso’s support was the first ever direct assistance the health centre had received.
Soso also presented K100,000 to Kisiveroka Women’s Beautification Group in Lufa.
“The Government wants to support communities who mobilise in groups to help themselves and Kisiveroka community is prepared to help itself,” Soso said.
“I’ve provided K100,000 to support your self-reliance activities, especially through beautification projects.”
According to Yagaria LLG president John Fonoma, the money will be used to pipe fresh water into villages to compliment the beautification projects.

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