South B’ville praised for embracing peace


THE people of the Makis constituency in South Bougainville have given a new dimension to peace-building in Bougainville, MP Timothy Masiu says.
He said they had demonstrated that lasting peace could be found in God through spiritual healing.
Masiu said he was touched by the people’s “unselfishness and courage” to forgive each other without the need to exchange money as compensation, as seemed to be norm during reconciliations in Bougainville.
He said reconciling and forgiving one another from the heart would ensure true and lasting peace.
“Reconciliation without money is mightier than reconciliation with money. Today (last Sunday) you have conquered yourselves and that is the bravest and mightiest thing to do,” he said.
The Autonomous Region of Bougainville Minister for Peace, Reconciliation and Referendum Albert Punghau said he was moved by the willingness of the people to find true peace.
Punghau said he would propose to the ABG Executive Council for a policy to stop the use of money in reconciliations.
Makis Peace Committee chairman Thomas Kalobo said the people must continue to reconcile in the name of Jesus Christ because through Him people would find true and lasting peace.
“To find peace, love and comfort, people must turn to Christ and reconcile. People must pray and seek God’s forgiveness and accept one and other in Christ so that they can free their soul,” he said.

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