Southern Confed meeting set for Dec 31


THE Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League’s Southern Confederate will hold their annual general meeting on Dec 31 in Port Moresby.
This was confirmed yesterday by Southern Confederate director Gwaibo Mairi.
He said affiliates were expected to table their reports during the meeting.
Mairi said the affiliates are advised to complete and submit annual activity reports on their respective competitions this year.
He said the tabling of reports would be in compliance with the laws of the PNGRFL and the confederate meeting would precede the PNGRFL meeting scheduled for Feb 28.
“This is also required by the constitution of PNGRFL,” Mairi said.
The director said affiliated leagues were to furnish financial reports, seasonal competitions and minutes of their own local league meetings.
Mairi said there should be detailed meeting minutes on league resolutions signed by all club presidents of the respective leagues.
He said financial reports should be acquitted and backed by documents.
“It will be very interesting to see whether the leagues are operating with a current bank account or not,” Mairi said.
“This might affect their affiliation for next year.”
Mairi warned that affiliates that failed to adhere to the advice would be dealt with.
He said he had already put three leagues on report for failing to comply with the confederate’s advice and they would be asked to explain at the AGM.
Port Moresby was looking forward to the AGM because they already had their books in order.

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