Southern Highlands police retaliate after officer assaulted


POLICE burnt down two homes near the Pangia government station in Southern Highlands following an attack on a policeman during the Independence Day celebrations last Saturday.
Provincial police commander Chief Inspector Sibrom Papato said the officer was hit in the face by
a man believed to be under the influenced of marijuana around 10am.
Pangia station is in South Wiru in the Ialibu-Pangia electorate.
Papato was unable to provide further   details but sources said the policeman was hit while trying to arrest the man.
It is alleged that the man was attacking another and disturbing the public who were celebrating Independence.
Police officers then mobilised and burnt down two houses at Lawiri village they believed were being used to sell marijuana, make home-brew and for gambling.
Sources said no arrests had been made.
The injured policeman was admitted at the Mendi General Hospital.

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