Southern region 9s organiser calls meeting


SOUTHERN Region Nines organiser Ivan Ravu has advised team managers who registered their interested to participate in the tournament this year to attend a meeting at 2pm on Sunday at the Lamana Hotel.
According to Ravu the following teams have registered their interest to participate: Miro Koivi 1/2, North Dingos 1, Variarata Black Eagles, Alotau Hidomos, Davana Hawks, KK Vanuagala, Koko Brothers Pelagai, Rovanama 1/2, Paramana Marlins, Irupara GK, Kima Eels, Erima Lauma, Borenumu Flyers, Poreporena Marlins, North Dingos 2, Nama Geria Lalaura, Nest United, TI Stones, Magena Blues, Simla Waroi Brothers Egala Auna, Lahua Nadies, City Mex Inauaia, Lime Beach Stones, Gavuone, Bese Bulldogs, Tubusereia, IB Mantas Pari, Waidex Blues 1/2, GK Tsunami, Bige Bote Trackers, Titans, Porebada, Gavuone Bullets, Boera Sailors, Donadabu Minas, Ranuhedadi/Ranugere, Maopa Flying Fox, Lagoon Pirates Gavuone, Boera Sailors 2, Central Gunika Raiders, Mahuru Eagles, Central Brothers, RIL Roadsiders, Destiny KK, Soge Development Porebada, Bara Dugongs Barakau, Central Wagahots and Vanagi Blacks.
Among the items on the agenda for discussion will be the draws and pooling of teams as well as the prizes.
Other Southern Region village teams interested in participating may attend the meeting for consideration.
Meanwhile, the Mendi Rugby League will complete its finals series for the 2016 season on Sunday after initially aborting last month.
President Braclay Tenza said his executive had resolved to run their finals after cancelling the competition at the end of October.
He said the reason was to give the clubs a proper ending to their season with the proviso that there would not be any prize money on offer.
Tenza said the clubs had acceptted the decision.
The grand final is set for Dec 4.

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