SP Brewery exports small volume to Fiji, Aust: Yuwai


SOUTH Pacific Brewery exports only a small volume of its product to Fiji and Australia, according to brewery manager Kuri Yuwai.
Yuwai told The National that SP Brewery’s export strategy was focused regionally and only to markets that met a set criteria.
“We supply regionally where there is proven demand, stable infrastructure to move the goods and an established connection between the countries,” Yuwai said.
“Exports to Fiji and Australia were mainly to cater for demand from visitors who had been to Papua New Guinea and PNG citizens living there.
“For over 10 years, SPB has exported to Australia and more recently Fiji.
“In Australia it is on the eastern side, especially Cairns, Brisbane and Sydney. There you find a mixture of PNG citizens seeking their favourite beer from home with visitors and workers. SP Lager and South Pacific Export Lager are both exported to Fiji.
“There are consumers who have been to PNG and upon their return requested our products. There is also a number of PNG citizens living there who enjoy a taste of home.”
He gave the update following the recent announcement that SP had again received the Gold Quality Award at the 2016 Monde World Selections.

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