SP Brewery wins gold quality award again


SOUTH Pacific Brewery has won the Gold Quality Award for the third consecutive year at the 2016 Monde World Selections for its SP Export Lager.
It won during the “blind tasting” assessment.
The selections are held annually in Brussels and involve an independent panel of judges who conduct a sensory evaluation and assessment of the beer (blind tasting).
SP Brewery was also awarded an international high quality trophy in recognition for its winning performance over three years in the category.
SP brewery manager Kuri Yuwai said: “We have been taking part in the Monde selections since 2006 – with the exception of one year. But in those years we did take part, we have consistently won gold in the categories.
“The Monde selections is a competition that checks all the other products such as water, soft drinks, wine and hard liquor. It assesses the processes and materials and overall preparation based on a criteria. It can pick out if the production and execution is under control.
“SP did well again to the international standards and got gold in this for the SP Export Lager.”
There were 429 participants in the beer, water and soft drink category.
SP Brewery recently upgraded its production facilities in Port Moresby and Lae.

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