Specialist urges govt to provide trauma workshops

Health Watch

A TRAUMA specialist has suggested that more workshops should be held to train people to deal with those needing assistance.
Trauma specialist Boosa Kabuli said this would help in training more people to be able to treat those suffering from traumatic situations.
He said after assisting victims of trauma at the St Mary’s Hospital in the National Capital District, he found out that a trauma casualty’s recovery situation depended on the proper and quick response of trained medical professionals.
But he cautioned that the people should not depend on trauma specialists, doctors or nurses alone.
“Medical professionals have so much to deal with. We need government to assist us by providing trauma healing workshops,” Kabuli said.
He said people needed to be trained on handling life-threatening and painful situations.
“I’ve heard about a PNG Healing Foundation workshop that trains peers on trauma-healing back in 2013,” Kabuli said.
“More awareness should be done on that if it is still operating so that the community who need help can come forward to the organisation.”
Kabuli said trauma was becoming generational where someone who has encountered a form of violence or abuse during childhood developed a violent character. And as a result, he or she becomes extremely aggressive to their family and children.
He called on Government organisations to host workshops on trauma treatment and counselling and invite people to discuss their worries.
Kabuli said the workshops should encouraged participants to discuss openly about their understanding of family violence, their personal experience and identifying the signs and symptoms of trauma.

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