Sporting workshops enriching, Baki says


ATTENDING sporting workshops is vital for sport administrators and coaches in PNG, and the recently Oceania Sports Education Programme (OSEP) training last week gave a lot of insights to the 30 staff members of the High Performance Sport who attended.
Held at the Sir John Guise Stadium in Port Moresby, the 30 members were split into two groups, 12 in the sport in community administrator (SiC) group and 18 in the community coaches and official group (CC&O).
Since Papua New Guinea is a member country to the Oceania National Olympic Committee, PNG’s High Performance Sport staff benefited from the programme, which offers sport education training courses.
Attending the workshop as a staff member for the High Performance Sport in PNG, Raphaela Baki was one of the participants in the SiC course.
She said the course gave her a good understanding of how to organise sporting events and set up a sports club.
“For myself as a boxer, I see this course as a very important tool because it will help me as a member of the National Capital District Amateur Boxing Association,” Baki said.
“I was formerly a sprinter but now a boxer and I took for granted that it was easy to organise such events.
“But after having gone through the course, I started to understand why most events are hard to organise,” Baki said. “It was enriching.”
HPS PNG staff from the Momase region also attended the course which was described by all as a welcomed refresher.
Another OSEP course will be held in November to re-evaluate the course participants and also award certificates to the participants.

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