Sports violence claims two


TWO young men were killed in two rugby league competitions sponsored by intending candidates for the next year’s national general election in the Western highlands.
The two men, one from the Mul/Baiyer and another from the Tambul/Nebilyer districts were killed after fights broke out on the field last month (Aug 28) and last week (Sept 4).
Four suspects allegedly involved in the killing of the two men were separately handed over to Hagen police yesterday by their community leaders.
Provincial police commander chief superintendent Martin Lakari received the suspects while calling on competition sponsors to be responsible in the way they oversaw the activities they funded.
Lakari said that these village rugby league competitions were not being managed properly and needed to be stopped as the potential for violence was high.
“There are many other good initiatives sponsors, especially intending candidates, can do in the communties but sponsoring sports must stop because of the risk of violence,” Lakari said.
Lakari said the four suspects would be charged with wilful murder.
Meanwhile, Lakari commended councilors and community leaders from the two districts for bringing in the suspects.
“Your actions show good leadership,” he said.
Lakari commended Mt Giluwe local level government council president Micheal Mai for handing over the two suspects yesterday.
He also commended leaders from Mul for bringing in two suspects earlier. Lakari warned organisers of sports competitions that they needed to be aware of the likelihood of poorly managed competitions but at the same time said the unfortunate deaths of the two men had also shown leaders in the district had the good sense to ensure justice was served. “I want to challenge other leaders to follow the good examples set by these community leaders from Mul/Baiyer and Tambul/Nebilyer,” he said.
Lakari said this kind of cooperation would help maintain peace and order in the districts.

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