SRC acknowledges suspension


UNIVERSITY of Technology Students Representative Council president David Kelma has acknowledged the suspension of student leaders by the Unitech council.
Unitech deputy vice-chancellor Dr Ora Renagi confirmed the suspension of the leaders  following protests, unrest and the death of student. The council felt that the SRC leadership failed to control the situation that led to the destruction of properties and the death of the student at campus.
Kelma told The National that SRC leaders respected the decision made by the school council as the highest authority on campus and also welcomed other decisions made by the council to investigate the unrest and damage caused.
“The SRC has conducted everything according to the constitution of the SRC starting from the forums to the referendum and then to the boycott of classes and the protest,” Klema said. “The SRC welcomes internal investigations to be conducted in order to clear doubts in the minds of people regarding the operations of the Unitech SRC.
“Let proper investigations be done to prove transparency in our leadership.”
Kelma praised student groups for carrying out a peace and reconciliation ceremony at  campus to restore normalcy.
He thanked the Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas and Southern Highlands Governor William Powi for their assistance in organising the peace process and investing in students.

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