‘Stable home solution to violence’


THE solution to the high rate of gender-based violence is for families to have a stable home and life within the teachings of the Bible, retired public servant William Goinau says.
Former Western administrator Goinau told The National that he had developed a concept for a programme called ‘Community Family Care Services Model: A Relational Community Response on the Prevention of all Forms of Family Violence in Papua New Guinea’.
“It is a relational approach to the prevention of family violence,” Goinau said.  “I have been working on it since 2014 and the final document is now complete.
“I tried it this year in Daru and Port Moresby.”
“The programme was accepted by the Family Sexual Violence Action Committee.
“It’s a different model to what is being presented in the country now because it takes in more of a biblical approach to addressing the increase in family violence and gender based violence.
“I’m calling it family violence because I am addressing it in a holistic way to the family as a model.”
Goinau said he wanted to share his concept openly because of recent reports of gender-based violence.
He said Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made a statement that people’s attitude, rather than the laws, needed to be changed.
“National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop also made the comment that we got to address the behaviour and attitude of people,” he said.
“People must change. That’s the only way.”

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