Staff shortage helping criminals released back into community


MANY offenders in Kabwum are released back into the community because the district does not have enough police officers, a district court and magistrates to deal with cases, people in the justice system say.
The district needs more police officers to support Sergeant Sarry Zedia who tries to deal with crimes in Yus, Deyamos, Komba and Selepet council areas, woman village court  magistrate Bumara Winding, from Kisa village court area in Komba, told The National.
She said women magistrates and officials feared for their safety when handing down decisions because there was no security for them.
There is a need for a court house and magistrates as well besides logistics for courts and police, she said.
There is no district village court officer at the station to oversee the functions of village court magistrates in eight respective court areas,” Bumara said.
Komba council manager Diru Gam said  Kabwum district badly needed police manpower to support and strengthen the work of 102 village court magistrates and land mediators in Kabwum and Wasu.
Senior Morobe magistrate Tera Dawai officiated in the commissioning of village court officials and land mediators, witnessed by provincial village court officer Reuben Ason last Friday.
However, village court magistrates from Tewae-Siassi were unable to attend.
Gam said that presence of Dawai and Aon to commission the magistrates and mediators instilled confidence in the village court system.

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