Staff told to change poor attitude


CHIEF Secretary Isaac Lupari has urged public servants to change their attitudes.
“There is no care attitude and sense of responsibility among the public servants at all levels. This is affecting service delivery to our people and implementation of government policies such health, education, law and order infrastructure and empowerment of our people,” Lupari said.
“This Government under the leadership of Prime Minister O’Neill is the most progressive government since independence.
“We have political stability, as a result we have policy stability and consistency in funding from the Government.
“We should not complain about money. The Government is providing money every year in the budget for free education,  free health service, hospitals, colleges and universities, infrastructures development, and empowerment of our people through SME, DSIP and PSIP.”
Lupari said since 2011 the Government had directed funding and massive resources every year for these programmes
He said there were “unprecedented level of changes” occurring throughout the country.
“People are seeing services for the first time in 20 years,” he said.
Lupari said more could be achieved with all these investments if public servants could change their attitudes and take some ownership.
“Today’s public service is too big and everyone is working in isolation of each other. There is no co-ordination, no communication,” Lupari said.
“We must change our attitude if we want to move this country forward and create a better future for our children.
“Some of us think it’s somebody’s responsibility. That is the wrong attitude. That is why we continue to fail our people and deny a better future for our children.

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