Staff wins campaign


TWO Digicel employees have won the privilege of “sharing best practice” in Jamaica for a week as part of the Digicel Foundation “Live Learn Love” campaign.
They are Digicel PNG Foundation community development manager Hane Toua and Digicel IT specialist Timothy Kore.
The competition was to encourage Digicel staff to gain a greater appreciation of the work the foundations do in their countries.
Toua hopes to learn new techniques and methods that the Digicel Jamaica Foundation is using and incorporate them to the programmes in PNG, particularly in the area of “special needs”.
“I am so excited about the trip and I am going to go with a very open mind so I can learn more,” Toua said.
Kore said the competition had taught him a lot about the foundation.
“Seeing the foundation delivering basic health and education services to remote areas of PNG makes me proud to work for a the company who has the heart to give back to the community,” he said.
In doing so, helping to bridge gaps on basic services that should be a right to every citizen and not a privilege.”
Digicel PNG Foundation chief executive officer Beatrice Mahuru said she was proud of the two and encouraged them to enjoy themselves and to “stay curious”.

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