Stakeholders’ views on marine zone to be sought


MINISTER for Trade, Commerce and Industry Wera Mori plans to gauge the views of the people and stakeholders on the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone to initiate a local content plan for the project.
Mori, pictured, said his initial interaction with communities recently was based on his 30-year experience in the mining and extractive industry relating to government interventions in socio-economic developments.
He said he visited the communities to announce his planned initiatives.
These include the Madang government, Madang district, Sumkar district, Ambenob LLG, PMIZ impact area companies, communities living on the peripheries of portion 625,  contractor and developers after re-tender, and owners of the water and energy, sanitation contractors.
He plans to call a forum to gauge their views, reach a consensus to resolve all differences in a supplementary memorandum of agreement.
“This is a way forward for the PMIZ project to discourage further delays and wastage of resources,” Mori said.
“The Department and Ministry of Commerce and Industry are induced to redeem the responsibilities and ownership of PMIZ off the Kumul Consolidated Holdings.
“When this responsibility is retained, the inaugural conference for the stakeholders will be called.
“The conference will call for issue papers for all government and the affected community undertakings to safeguard the development and operation of the PMIZ in the long term.”

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