Standard of architecture in nation lagging: Prof Gonduan


THE standard of architecture in the country lags behind the rest of the world, according to the head of architecture at University of Technology Professor Cletus Gonduan.
He was among those sworn in yesterday in Port Moresby as members of the PNG Board of Architects.
“We are currently running a curriculum that is almost 20 years old, so we need to update the curriculum,” Gonduan told The National.
“There is a change in architecture practice now because of the climate-change issue. “The world is doing this upgrade from what you call a brown economy to a green economy. Students are not exposed to this new thinking.
“Because of this, the curriculum has to be revised and upgraded to meet that requirement.” Gonduan said the industry needed to be receptive to the new thinking.
“Students, when they are at school, are very productive and creative,” he said. “But when they enter the marketplace, it’s different. They tend to go towards production and compromise the quality that they’ve learned at university.
“My hope is that more students who go into the marketplace will shift their mindset – to what we call the green building design.”

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