State gets recommendations


THE PNG Christian Leaders Alliance Against HIV and AIDS presented its recommendations to Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Michael Malabag on Friday at the end of two-day HIV summit.
Chairman Cardinal Sir John Ribat said the alliance recommend that the Government, through the Department of National Planning and Monitoring, create a programme for them in HIV and AIDS, so that it could be able to access funding to conduct HIV training programmes for church leaders.
Ribat said the leaders had identified that advocacy was an important role played through their pastoral duties.
“Our key advocacy statement from this summit is that HIV is not a death sentence and all heads of churches must advocate that message, so that they can be able to advocate with love, forgiveness and compassion for people through the eyes of Jesus,” he said.
“The summit expresses strong concern the increase in the number of people being infected with HIV and discontinuation of funding for existing services that require commitment for funding.
“The summit calls for a renewed national strategy with full cooperation between the Government and churches,” Sir John said.
He said some of the issues identified included gender-based violence, access to services, issues affecting key populations and stigma.

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