State probes cases


THE Immigration Department will investigate whether two foreign businessmen recently given citizenship status by the Government had been cleared of allegations made against them by their expatriate employees four years ago.
Chief Migration Officer Mataio Rabura told The National yesterday that they would investigate the allegations against the businessmen.
The allegations were first brought to the attention of the Government in a letter dated August 27, 2012, from Port Moresby lawyer Lawrence Titimur.
Titimur’s letter was copied to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, the Port Moresby police metropolitan superintendent, Immigration and Citizenship Services and Department of Labour and Industrial Relations.
The allegations related to human trafficking and official corruption.
Rabura said he was not aware of the letter sent to the department in 2012 but the matter would be investigated by his office.
Immigration and Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato handed out the certificates of citizenship and passports to 24 foreigners in Port Moresby last week. Titimur in 2012 had asked the police and Government to investigate the allegations raised against the two businessmen by their foreign employees who they had brought from an Asian country.
He said the five expatriate employees had approached him to investigate the businessmen for bringing them into the country and mistreating them.
Titimur claimed that the employees sought his assistance in retrieving their passports and belongings confiscated by their employers.
He said police assisted by providing a team to accompany them to the company premises.
They managed to bring back all the items to his home.
But later, Titimur said a different police team turned up and took back all the personal items and passports, which were handed back to the businessmen. Titumur alleged that some police officer and public servants, including a government minister could be involved in the matter.
Titumur said some of the men had returned to their country while some had taken refuge among friendly local communities.
The employers later put out a paid advertisement in the newspapers requesting the public to report their whereabouts.

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