Statistics training begins for Western Highlands


THE National Statistical Office is running a two weeks training for interviewers starting Monday as it prepares to conduct the 2016 Demographic and Health Survey.
NSO Western Highlands’ facilitators in Mt Hagen started the training and about 17 interviewers were selected from the province to conduct sample surveys in 39 (census units) communities in the province.
DHS team leader and training coordinator Francisca Tinabar said it was the third survey to be done in the country.
She said its purpose was mainly to get health information (health indicators) and help the Government put money in the right place.
“Government needs accurate and quality data and you are the ones who will collect these data,” Tinabar told the interviewers.
The first sample survey was done in 1996. (A sample survey employs a simple random data collection method which gives estimates of a whole population than a census which is expensive and includes collecting detailed information about the population).
Tinabar said after the 15-day training, the interviewers would be fully equipped to go out to the field and conduct surveys for three months until December.
The participants will interview women, children and men between the ages of 15 and 49 (the productive age group) and get information about their health status and how they accessed health services.
She reminded the Western Highlands participants that the onus was on them to do an accurate survey in obtaining data that would become the basis on which the Government would plan and allocate funds and resources.
The survey is funded by the Australian Government, the Department of National Planning and Monitoring, the Department of Foreign Affairs and other donors.

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