Stay away from drugs, alcohol, students told

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DEFENCE Minister Dr Fabian Pok has urged students of Waigani Christian College to discipline themselves and stay away from alcohol and drugs.
He said that during the school’s graduation yesterday in which 100 Grade 10 students, 60 Grade 8 students, and 60 Grade 2 students graduated.
“A lot of students are now turning to alcohol, drugs and all these,” Pok said.
“This is where your life completely destroys itself.”
The school, ironically, was founded by Benjamin Mul, the  man whom Pok unseated in the 2012 national election to win the North Waghi seat in Jiwaka.
“Education is the way forward in life,” said Pok, a former university academic.
“When you are educated, the world is at your feet.
“When you are uneducated, you are carrying the burden of the world all your life.”
Pok said that was why the Government was committed to a free education policy for an educated society.
“An educated society is a society that prospers,” he said.
“An uneducated society doesn’t prosper.”
During the graduation ceremony, Pok and other speakers commended Mul for turning the school into one that was giving a new lease of life to many young people in Port Moresby.

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