Step up East New Britain port services


THIS is an appeal to the management of East New Britain Port Services (ENPS) to re-strategise your port operations at  Lae’s Voco Point Wharf.
I am compelled to bring this issue up after hearing several complaints from clients of mv Chebu and I am also a victim of your mishandling of cargo that went missing under your service.
From past experiences at the Lae Main Wharf (under PNG Ports), all clients received their cargo the moment mv Chebu was given clearance to berth at the main wharf on Saturday.
No one was told to come back on Monday to claim cargo from the offloading bay. As soon as all sea voyagers disembark by 4 or 5pm, cargo roll in for people to show manifest and claim them. There was no hassle. By 7 or 9pm at the latest, all the cargo was in the hands of their rightful owners.
Under ENBPS at Voco Point, vehicles are still lining up well after midnight to pick up their cargo. This is a management issue on the part of ENBPS.
The challenge is how you can best deliver all cargo to clients so no one has to come back on Monday for collection. There was a stone-throwing incident at Voco Point wharf a month back.
That is an indication that your services are poor and you seriously need to overhaul your operations. Find a way that is workable and conducive for everyone. I believe the reason for the move to Voco Point was purely business, which is understandable since the Lae Main Wharf is the country’s busiest port and also it is very costly to operate out of the Main Wharf.
East New Britain Port Services operating out of Voco Point should take that as an opportunity to stamp its mark as an alternative port services company.
The management of Lae Biscuit Company, the owner of mv Chebu should reconsider the services of ENBPS. So far, it is providing a sub-standard service.

Sideline analyst

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