Steven hails commission


THE PNG Accidents and Investigations Commission has been commended for its work in releasing reports in a timely and transparent manner.
Civil Aviation Minister Davis Steven, speaking at the announcement of the new chief commissioner Hubert Namani on Friday, said PNGAIC had been transformed to a corporate position reflecting the position of law.
“I have seen AIC in 2012 and before that and after 2012 AIC has released more reports in a timely fashion and a more transparent manner. The statistics are there.
“They are also publishing (reports) online which is a massive and positive move in the right direction.
“PNGAIC’s work is one that I am pleased with as a minister.
“The PNGAIC had put in place corporate plans and visions, and they have been recognised and function as an integral part of the aviation sector.
“The main funding arrangement from government point of view that comes under the Civil Aviation Development Investment Program (CADIP), AIC was omitted in the first and second tranches of CADIP which was negotiated before the current government.
“I commend the leaders of the aviation sector or the chief executive officers and also central agencies like planning and treasury and ADB for including AIC as a recipient of financial support.”

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