Stick to your partner, don’t spread AIDS, victims says

Health Watch

HIV positive parents in the Highlands have come forward with the message “Stick to your partner and don’t spread the dreaded virus”.
This is a message to save the future generation, especially children who could suffer to a cause not of their doing.
For James and Rose Paraka, three of their children are now HIV-free because they have remained faithful to each other and followed doctor’s advice during pregnancy to childbirth.
James testified to more than 60 HIV-positive parents about how he had forgave the person who contracted him with the virus.
“It is very difficult for people with HIV to forgive the other partner who gave them the virus but I did it through the grace of God and moved on,” he said. “This is my eight year of surviving with the virus.”
After saying sorry to his partner who died, James gave his life to God and remained faithful to his wife.
James said he had stopped taking the ART drug and is now living without it for 14 months.
“If you are faithful to God and trust in Him, you can live without drugs,” he said.
He urged young men and women who have the virus not to get frustrated and spread it to other innocent people.
“God can forgive your sins. There is healing in the powerful blood of Jesus and in His name. He loves us. God can heal our sickness if we say sorry and remain faithful to Him.”
James is now an assistant pastor, a deacon and youth leader in his church and built a church himself.
He thanked God for giving wisdom and knowledge to the doctors and nurses from the Mt Hagen Provincial Hospital for helping them in ensuring his three kids did not contract the virus.
The prevention of parent to child transmission (PPTC) programme has proved successful since it started in 2011.

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