Some still dragging Lands Department down


THE Lands Department Secretary made a long overdue commitment to rid the department of the stigma as it was riddled with endemic corruption and malpractices when he took up office in August this year.
We can only trust and hope that all the staff and stakeholders alike share his vision and give their full support to him to revamp the department to envious status in terms of staff commitment, dedication and service efficiency.
However, the public will remain skeptical if certain officers are still left to their own devices because their non-performance will continue to drag the department back.
As things stand, some members of the public are still being served the usual catch phrase and run around of “the file is missing, file is still with the boss or sitting on his table or tray, come back tomorrow, come back next week or next month” all of which still continue to be the shameful stock excuses of certain officers at Eda Tano Haus.
There does not seem to be any sense of urgency nor obligation among these few officers to dispense of matters reasonably quickly.
It is the incompetence, ignorance and laziness of these certain officers that continue to spoil the good name of the honest and hardworking staff and department that must be completely routed out to free up the department to function more efficiently, with dedication and respect for the executive management and sectional line functions directives.
This has been a big impediment to timely and efficient discharging of services and the department’s capacity to implement government policy directives and the department’s other statutory and public obligations and services.
Sadly, there are hundreds of highly educated, motivated and honest desperate job seekers still knocking on doors looking for work while lazy and incompetent people are denying them opportunities to contribute more meaningfully and positively to PNG’s development.

Kambektu Moro,

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