Still waiting for services


TEWAE-Siassi electorate lacks basic services and development.
The recent disbursement of funds to various aid posts and schools seem to be a planned strategy for the 2017 elections.
This is the current MP’s third term in parliament but no tangible development has taken place in the electorate in the last 15 years.
The only improvements I saw was the setting up of headquarters at Sialum station in which Siassi islanders have to risk their lives to cross the Vitiaz Strait in rough weather on dinghies to get basic services.
The Tewasi group that was formed to manage the mv Lady Zeming is dying away and that transportation became the major issue for the public servants on the island. The incomplete Gassam wharf will be an eye sore.
Tewae-Siassi is a very difficult electorate to reach – hours by sea and across the rugged terrains and fast flowing rivers to reach Sialum station.
Thank you for the long awaited DSIP funds for basic services that was just released. All the citizens of the electorate are watching.
May God appoint the best shepherd to lead the sheep from Wasu up the rugged terrains of Sarawaged into Sialum station.

Tambeel Sibe, Via email

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