Stop police brutality in Papua New Guinea


AS a citizen of this great nation Papua New Guinea, I am disgusted about the fact that police brutality is becoming a norm in our society.  I for one cannot trust any police personnel, reason being that there is a lot of bad cop in our police precincts and we do not know who is playing the bad cop, and who is playing the good cop. Brutality by our RPNGC towards professionals and other citizens is just uncalled for, the police hierarchies should be embarrassed by what their men did and take a much tougher stand against this type of inhuman act.
No citizen should be victimised in that manner by anyone because no one is above the law.
The RPNGC really need to pull their socks up and put a stop to police brutality by exercising tougher laws and condemn those members that cause injustice to the citizens of this great nation.

Boroko, NCD

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