Stop violence against women


IN spite of so much awareness to cease violence against women in PNG, the issue still persist at an alarming rate.
Just last week, while the women of Jiwaka were marching and protesting relating to the issue, a 16-year-old female student was gang-raped in Port Moresby and an elderly women was tied and tortured to death in Lae.
Violence against women is just escalating right in front of our eyes without much attention given by authorities.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill last week said only cowards beat women.
What O’Neill emphasised on is just one point: Wife bashing.
What about the other violence like sexual violence, incest, child abuse and torturing of women?
I support the Voice for Change leader, Lilly BeSoer, who expressed strongly that all forms of violence against women must stop.
She called on the Government to fund programmes and organisations that are advocating for change in regard to this issue.
What BeSoer highlighted is very challenging. Something must be done to stop this epidemic because women are the backbone of this nation. If the Government does not do something now, tomorrow all our daughters, sisters and mothers will be at greater risk.
Therefore, it is better to do something now than regret tomorrow, because prevention is better than cure.

Ps Chris Pati

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