Street preaching has to be controlled


PLEASE allow me space to make a suggestion that “Street Preaching on the Holy Word” in Alotau town has to be controlled.
In recent times, there have been many street preachers and the noise they have been making is unbearable.
People from other provinces tend to flock into the town at will and set up their speakers and start preaching to the public.
They are best suited to doing these in their own provinces where there are tribal fights and conflicts everywhere.
Why come to Alotau, where there is peace and order and a large majority of the population is religious, humble and peaceful?
Preachers who are coming from other provinces must know that Milne Bay had early Missionary establishments since 1891, which is a period of over 120 years of Christianity and the ministry of the Holy Gospel.
That means that most people are religious and peaceful in many respects. Such preaching should be concise and be presented according to the meaning and purpose of the Holy word.
The Traffic Police, the PPC, Alotau Urban Authority and Physical Planning must do something about Street Preaching and noise nuisance to public order and peace in Alotau town.

Alotau Town

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