Have strong feeling of patrionism, Momis says


THERE must be a strong feeling of patriotism throughout the Autonomous Region of Bougainville for the people to be inspired to choose their final political future, President Dr John Momis says.
“I have always been a strong advocate of participatory democracy where all parties through a consultative and consensual process agree on an issue, in our case the referendum to decide our political future,” Momis said.
“I have made the call that Bougainvilleans are leaders in their own right, we must not be followers who become passive recipients of change, we must all actively participate in the process of referendum and take responsibility of our actions.”
Momis said Bougainvilleans have to help shoulder the burdens that Bougainville was going through and the people must learn from the mistakes of the past and work towards the future.
He the future of Bougainville was in the hands of the people and encouraged a more united front in deciding what they wanted as their political future.
“I have resounded the call for unity that is our biggest bargaining power, in the case of the ratification clause in Bougainville Peace Agreement on the referendum’s outcome; if we unite the national government in the eyes of the international community will have to accept whatever decision we make,” he said.
“Bougainvilleans are hardworking people, that should motivate the people to stand firm and ensure that Bougainville progresses in the right direction into the future.”
Momis said it was important that Bougainvilleans prepared well for the referendum; they must unite, be fiscally self-reliant, ensure Bougainville was weapons-free and that good governance prevailed.
The Bougainville Peace Agreement (BPA) which stands as the legal framework for the autonomous arrangement on Bougainville defines the parameters of Bougainville’s move towards forging a new political future.
There has been long standing between the ABG and the Government on the implementation of the BPA over development grants.

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